Seat Belt Cutter Car Hammer Window Breaker

$10.00 $6.50

1. Brand new and high quality
2. High positive feedback rate
3 A Important tool for your car
4. Set you free from the danger by cutting the seat belt
5. You can break the car window in an emergency situation
6. Fixed in a holder, it will not fall even if the car bumps, and can be removed easily.
7. Suitable for cars, trains, buses, trucks, ships and so on
1. Size:                           170*65mm
2. Net weight:                 135 g
3. Color:                          Orange
4. Material:                     Engineering Plastics, and metal hammer
Packing content:
1 X Car emergency hammer


Seat Belt Cutter Car Hammer Emergency Window Breaker

If you wake up in a car accident and you cannot get out of your car before help arrives, then you can whip out your seat belt cutter to cut your jammed seat belt. Moreover, use the hammer, on the other side of your new emergency tool, to break your window and get back to your house.

Your seatbelt is stuck, and your loved one is sitting next to you bleeding. Unconscious, you see smoke coming out from your car. You call 911 but how long will it take for them to reach you before your both dead? Before your dead. Was it a drunk driver? A driver crashed into you? Road rage? Engine failure as your car dragged into a river, and now water is flooding into your car? Whatever the reason your seatbelt is stuck, your door is not opening. So when you punch your window, how long will it take to break your hand? You already got a love one that’s injured and is counting on you. So why risk making yourself a liability and having an ambulance carry 2 corpse.

So don’t be a casualty.

Just buy your new seat belt cutter at a low price with free shipping to cut yourself loose. Save your love one as you break out of your car if you ever get into an accident.

Be the hero.

Walk to the horizon as get in your home for a well earn rest.

After all, your new tool can fit in your bag so its perfect for any emergency situation your in.

This tool is not just for car’s

Not only can you cut yourself free from your seatbelt, you can use your new tool to get out of trains. Or save your family in a house fire. Or in the middle of a hurricane as your hurrying to get as high as possible. And break your way out to a rescue team as you smash your window open with your hammer end and save yourself. Also, your family.

Here’s a video how you can you use your seat belt cutter hammer to get yourself out of a car.

Plus you will get free shipping and get your car hammer at a low price so hurry up and shop now. We’ll also give you a 30-day money back guarantee if you do not like what you bought after it arrives at your front door. This is an emergency tool to keep in your bag in case your in your car when you veer off the road